While it’s true, backlinks are the #1 contributing factor to rank any dentist website on page 1, acquiring backlinks should never be the defining factor. It may sound somewhat contradictory, but when you break down how we get backlinks naturally, it’s simple to understand.

There are multiple ways of acquiring backlinks either naturally or manually. Organic backlinks (natural) occur when another website links to yours based on relevancy. Sites often link out to others to give their audience more resources for the information their inquiring about.

Google sees this as improving the user experience and rewards the content higher in SERPS.

Why Backlinks are So Important

There are two main reasons search engines like Google value backlinks:

  • Helps them discover new web pages
  • Helps them determine where a page should be ranked in search results

Both prove to have tremendous value to any webmaster. Sure, without backlinks your site will be indexed, and you may even get a bit of traffic. But, for search engines to take your site seriously and denote it as an authoritative website, you must have backlinks.

Backlinks are a sort of web mention. The site that has more, high-quality links, search engines see them as being more popular than the next guy. Comes popularity, websites with more backlinks are ranked higher in search results netting them more people looking for dental related information.

How to Get Backlinks Organically

What dentists should be focusing on is creating amazing content that answers everything the searcher is looking for. When this happens, people will take notice and either link to the content from their blog or share on social media. Creating content that’s shareable bodes well in the eyes of Google and you’ll see how natural backlinks will have a longer-term impact on your website’s rankings.

When people focus on backlinks instead of creating great content, they tend to lean more towards black or gray hat SEO tactics. Most of these are links that are purchased for the sole purpose of manipulating rankings.

Google sees this also and will ultimately end up penalizing your site which will cause your rankings to decrease.

For this reason, if you can master the art of creating high-quality content, you’ll naturally get high-quality links. This can truly put you ahead of other SEOs and your competitors.

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