How many times this year have you turned to Google with a question in search of an answer? How many times this month? How many times today?

Odds are you’ve become dependent on Google and Siri to provide answers to everyday questions in a way you don’t even realize it anymore.

You’re not alone.

With more than 4 billion people online right now searching for questions to their answers, having a dental FAQ page on your website is one of the biggest influences you have on netting more paying customers.

The internet has become #1 resource for people looking for answers to their problems. The idea behind creating a dental FAQ page isn’t anything new, but for some reason more than 74% of all dentist websites we’ve seen lack this valuable resource.

Why an FAQ Page is Important for Your Website

 In short, FAQ pages help improve the overall user experience. If a searcher lands on your website with a specific problem, they’re looking for a comprehensive answer to their real-time problem. While it’s important to have a website with great architecture and a wealth of content, it needs to be laid out in a manner that’s easy to navigate.

Creating an FAQ page and directing users to it will end up being one of your biggest sources of attracting and retaining new dental customers.

Many times, an FAQ page will be the 2nd page a visitor sees after landing on your home page. Typically, visitors landing on your website are searching for an answer to their problem and having a page that details the most frequently asked dental questions will help your business earn credibility and trust through the eyes of the consumer.

Answering these questions before they’re asked will demonstrate your authority and will further improve your credibility as a local dentist.

Advantages of Creating an FAQ Page

There are numerous advantages of creating an FAQ page including:

  • Optimizes content for search engines while improving the number of indexed keywords and keyword rankings
  • Helps establish your dental practice as a brand ambassador. When customers seek out information and you’re able to answer their questions for them, you’ll be viewed as an expert within your field. Customers will view your dental practice as a reliable resource netting your practice more credibility and more customers.
  • One of the best aspects for having an optimized FAQ page is it increases conversion rate. When a customer lands on your website searching for dental related information, this is your time to nurture into and through your sales funnel. Not all visitors landing on your site understand what it is they need, so this is your chance to minimize uncertainty and optimized sales.

How to Create an FAQ Page Using Ahrefs

Ahrefs has become the #1 SEO software tool for webmasters and marketing companies. We use Ahrefs on all of our client’s websites to uncover hidden gems and incorporate them into each content marketing campaign.

  • Log in to Ahrefs
  • > Keywords Explorer (top)
  • > type in a keyword (ie. Dental)
  • > Keywords by Search Volume > Questions
  • > Click on “View All”

Here you’ll see more than 132,000 questions relating to the keyword “dental”. You can use the filters above the search results to narrow down relevant questions and answers and incorporate these into a stellar FAQ page.

Creating a comprehensive dental FAQ page won’t be easy, but if done right will prove to be one of your biggest content marketing strategies to bring in new customers. Make sure your questions and answers are unique and you’re use proper SEO guidelines to stay in the good gracious of Google.

We recommend this to all of our clients and provides a great deal of domain and URL authority which nets a huge boost in rankings.

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