Branding your website consists of much more than the same colors, killer logo and a unique tag line. With so many businesses offering similar dental services in your area, having the ability to standout in a competitive landscape will give you an edge over your competitors.

A website that’s branded well will bring more value to your business and make it easier to attract new customers. As with any dental practice, the idea of attracting new customers takes more than a strong marketing effort if trust and credibility are lacking.

With a strong strategy in place to help you brand our online presence, you can escape the competitive landscape. Branding your website isn’t a singular approach, but instead, considers numerous simple, but effective strategies to improve your dental website’s branding to gain trust and credibility.

Give Your Site Visitors Exactly What They Want

Sounds simple and almost trivial, but you’ll be surprised how many website visitors end up hitting the back button because they’re inundated with everything but what they’re looking for. When a site visitor arrives on your dental website, you have no more than 3 seconds to give them what they want.

For some, this sounds like an eternity, but when considering everything a visitor must sift through before finding the one solution to their problem it’s not at all.

First impressions are everything and if you don’t provide offer a great first impression, you’ll inevitably lose another prospective customer.

Keep it simple and don’t overwhelm your visitors. Most people landing on your site won’t care how it looks or how amazing the design is, but they do care if they can easily digest what’s in front of them.

Making simple edits to your header menu and other on-page options to minimize confusion and make your site more functional may mean all the difference. Check your website’s loading time. If you’re site’s taking too long to load, visitors will hit the back button and find what they’re looking for from the next website.

Don’t Be Afraid to Tell Your Brand’s Story

Every brand has a story, so don’t forget to tell everyone yours. Creating a strong, unique About Page is imperative for every successful dental website. You’ll be surprised how many customers check out this page and this may be your one chance to connect with them.

Showcase who you are, values, what you represent and where you’ve come from and be consistent throughout your website. This will help you create a connection and will surely help increase trust and credibility.

Focus on a Singular Conversion and Go for It

Every dental business has conversions in mind, but most websites are not optimized for it. If you’re looking to get more phone calls, appointments set, emails collected, or form fills, make sure your website is optimized for that singular conversion.

Trying to optimize for too many things at once causes confusion and visitors won’t be clear what you’re offering.

Create a goal with every webpage. Nurturing your visitors towards that one singular goal will increase the likelihood of converting that visitor into a customer. Your goals should always be defined and use consistent calls to actions.

Flaunt Your Customer Achievements

Don’t be afraid to flaunt your customer achievements by way of reviews, testimonials and case studies. It’s true, 97% of those searching online will consult reviews before choosing their next dentist.

Make sure you have a system in place that encourages reviews either through your website directly or your Google My Business profile and showcase them for all to see. Get your client’s permission. Then create a client testimonial or case study page and post all juicy details about your client’s visit, while maintain privacy of course. Be sure to post the best testimonials on your home page and About US page.

Use a review system to capture both negative and positive feedback. Even negative feedback is valuable if you’re proactive and use it the right way. Since perception is reality in the eyes of the beholder, getting negative feedback gives you the chance to correct the issue before it becomes a problem.

Who knows, if you make things right even the negative review can be amended to be more positive and it’ll show customers, you’re willing to do whatever is right no matter the outcome.

Be Consistent with Visuals

Be sure to keep all internal visuals throughout your website consistent. This includes logo, site colors, font size, font color, images and even the tone within your content.

Your logo and tagline will be the most important aspects of branding your website. Place your logo in your header, footer, contact page and about page so your customers can easily identify it. Use a free favicon generator which will be displayed within Google search results.

Engage on Social Media

Engaging on social media is more than creating a few posts a week and forgetting about them. Be sure to respond to questions, revisit older content, create promotions, talk about new dental services, introduce new team members and anything else you would want your customers to know.

On your website, be sure to have social links to all of your profiles and create content that’s share worthy along with buttons for sharing.

Creating polls and questionnaires is a great way to boost social engagement. These posts tend to go viral which is great for branding and netting you more free exposure.

Do understand that one social platform may be best suited for different types of content. Also, how you engage on one may be different than engaging on another, so be sure you individualize your social media marketing to make the most of branding.

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