How to optimize your dental website by choosing the right keywords using tips and tricks from the pros. Learn how to rank #1 for all dentist keywords in Google and get more customers

The idea of providing SEO for any dental website is intended to make it more discoverable by search engines. To understand a website’s content, keywords must be used to show relevance in hopes of landing the top spot in Google.

Why Your Dental Practice Needs to be in the Top 3 Google Results

Settling for anything less than the top 3 spots in Google means your missing out on the bulk of your customers. Choosing the right keywords will make all the difference between a successful marketing campaign and a waste of time.

Here’s some interesting statistics:

  • 31.7% of all searchers click the top result in Google
  • 75% of all clicks in organic search comes from the top 3 results

Based on these 2 statistics alone, if the highest performing keywords for dentists are not ranked in the top 3 in search, your competitors will love you.

10 Tips for Choosing the Right Dental Keywords

But how does a dentist know what keywords to use, how to use them, and best practices that will deliver the greatest ROI in any dental SEO marketing campaign?

Below are 10 keyword optimization tips we use on all our dental client’s websites to generate them the most traffic.

10 Tips for Choosing the Right Dental Keywords

Use Keywords in Headings

Properly using H1, H2, H3 and H4 tags shows search engines what the content is all about. This helps Google better understand the content and rank it accordingly.

H tags are used as a form of hierarchy and denotes importance of content. The H1 tag is the most important tag and used for the title while optional tags H1 – H6 are used to organize content.

Use Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are keywords made up of 3+ strings of words. Long tail keywords tend to be less competitive, give you more ranking opportunities and will allow you to also rank for main seed keyword.

If you’re looking to create an article on emergency root canals for the purpose of getting more clients to your dental practice in Tampa, Florida, consider:

Dentist Tampa FL

Instead of

Dentist Tampa

You can see in the picture above that “dentist tampa fl” has a lower competition than “dentist tampa” and all you’re doing is adding “FL” for the state of Florida at the end of the string. With great content, you’ll find yourself ranking for both terms doubling the search volume from 600 to 1200.

Repurpose Older Content

Once you consider all the above made changes moving forward, it’s time to use what you’ve learned and start repurposing old content. If you have any blog posts already posted, you can rework the content using any of the above strategies.

You’ll find that repurposing your older content will get the same content to rank faster because it’s already indexed. Making simple changes to H tags, updating keywords and adding images can go a long way with making older content rank higher and will prove to be some of the fastest SEO results.

Many times, these changes will be reflected in Google in a matter of hours, so it’s well worth it.

You can find out a lot about searcher intent based on the types of keywords they use. There are four types of keywords including:

  • Informational – looking for questions and answers
  • Investigational – looking for information which may lead to a purchase
  • Navigational – search intent based on a particular website or brand
  • Transactional – searchers are ready to buy

Searchers looking for an “emergency dentist in Tampa FL” have transactional intent and are looking for immediate help. On the other hand, someone looking for information on how to keep dentures tight are looking for information and may or may not lead to a client in the future.

Either way, understanding exactly what the searcher is looking for and providing exactly that will help you connect with the widest customer base.

Research Competitors

Researching your competitors is another great way to improve your SEO for your dental practice. Improving on what your competitors are already doing is another valuable way of getting more clients. There’s no sense of reinventing the wheel if it’s already working, but for your site to be noticed over the next, you must be doing it better.

The best way to research your competitors is using one of the best SEO reporting software tools to automate much of the process and get accurate information. Tools like SEM Rush will uncover valuable information into your competition’s traffic allowing you to optimize your SEO plan based on what’s proven to work.

With tools like this you can uncover:

  • Traffic volume
  • Traffic sources
  • What location traffic is coming from
  • Best landing pages
  • Keyword rankings
  • Backlinks
  • Social media engagement

After understanding the competitive landscape, you can benchmark the local dental industry and incorporate new business opportunities.  

Use a Keyword Research Tool

Sure, you can conduct all the research and understand everything you want about dental keywords but doing so manually will take you 100x the amount of time it takes using a keyword research tool. Most premium tools will be set and forget and all you’ll have to do after your preliminary research is monitor, track your progress and make changes accordingly.

Ahrefs by far is the best SEO tool for doing keyword research. You’ll get a ridiculous amount of information so you can make decisions based on statistical facts instead of what sounds good at the time.

With Ahrefs Keyword Explorer you can uncover dentist related keyword to improve your content marketing including:

  • Get thousands of keyword suggestions from a main keyword
  • Accurate data for 170+ countries
  • Get keyword data from 10 different search engines including Google
  • Create and save keyword lists for use later
  • Track SERP rankings and get historical data
  • Get accurate metrics like keyword difficulty score

Using the data from Keyword Explorer, you can create better content that will actually bring in people looking for dental related services.

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